7 Week program
Start date:  November 26th @ 7pm CET           
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Which are the results you can expect in STOP BELIEVING THE B.S. 7 week program:
 Have clarity on which are your superpowers and how to unleash them
 Feel more self confident in expressing yourself and in everything you do  
 Stop undermining yourself, stop feeling you are not good enough, not smart enough, not beautiful…all the B.S., and embrace your superpowers
 Grow and manifest the next level in your career
 Take bolder actions with ease and confidence
 Feel constantly connected with your own inner wisdom and know which actions to take with clarity
Increase your wealth
 Let go of the inner critic each time you need to take a bigger step in your life
 Embrace change instead of fearing the unknown 
 Let go of the need to be approved by others 
 Feel confident in asking a salary raise 
 Step into the leader inside of you and be comfortable with difficult conversations and negotiations 
 Know how to sustain long term high performance level and mindset
 Know how to embrace your fears as your best friends and still move forward 
 Be part of an amazing group of like minded friends supporting you along the journey and inspiring you in taking bolder moves 

 all custom made to your own needs!!!!!!!

This 7 week program is 80% practical, full of exercises. You will build your own blueprint and see a direct impact in your life.
This program is for you if:

 You want to unleash yourself and the possibilities you have in life
 You feel a calling to play a much bigger game in life
 You want to make a greater positive difference in the world
 ​You want to breakthrough 
 ​You want to let go of your self doubt and fears
 ​You want to attract different relationships or evolve the relationships you have in your life
 ​You want to have clarity on what is your purpose and how to fulfill it
 ​You want to have fun and be part of a like minded community which will make it so much more fun and easy (and that’s so true!)

BONUS #1: Receive my International best Seller book STOP BELIEVING THEB.S. for free

BONUS #2: Get a copy of the Outcome Based Planning Method I personally use which allows me to be a senior leader in the corporate world, write a best seller, have my own successful business, be a wife, a mum of 3 and traveling around the world! Only if you attend live!

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The Training Is Limited To The First 100 People
Hi!  I am Eva
I have been there like you. I felt stuck as you are, not being able to break the vicious circle of feeling unvalued, powerless, not understood and not knowing what to do, but knowing I was deeply disconnecting from myself and deeply unhappy. I started a journey of self discovery 20 years ago, learning everything I could and still do. 

I have been working for 20 years in the corporate world as a senior executive female leader, developing in parallel a flourishing coaching and training business, while being a mum of three, travelled the world for work almost every week, moved countries twice and gone through a difficult divorce...all of it with persistency and determination. In order to survive and thrive in all areas of my life, I had to push myself to be decision and action driven, brave, doing most alone, giving everything I had but forgetting myself along the way...I pushed through thanks to my masculine side but I disconnected with myself. Pushing away emotions, numbing them, to the point that I would always put a distance in my relationships. 

After many years of deep soul-searching, of training ( NLP, Thetahealing, Tony Robbins coach, The Journey method, meditation, scanning, and many others) I came to uncover my own gifts, my true feminine power that led me to personal freedom and fulfillment. Now my mission is to help you reconnect with your soul, your gifts, your true super powers and allow them to shine to the world freely.

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